International Baccalaureate

IB program

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme incorporates excellent worldwide educational practices with worldwide standards and recognition.  Benefits include: excellent university preparation and recognition, advanced standing into second year university, admission to universities throughout the world and an advantage for scholarship and university application.

Since June of 2000, the IB Programme in the Hastings Prince Edward district school board has been providing internationally recognized programming as an IB world-school. The International Baccalaureate Programme, since its inception in the 1960’s, has become a leading, internationally recognized symbol of academic excellence. The enrichment programmes at this site are available to ALL students in Hastings and Prince Edward.
IB encourages students from across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners.

International Baccalaureate Programme Diploma/Courses (Gr. 11 and 12)

The IB Programme is a two year international programme designed to make good and healthy leaders of tomorrow. The IB Diploma encompasses students' final two years of high school. During these two years, students are submerged in an environment of learning designed to foster the lifelong learner interested in making the world a better place. The programme includes students' academics, as well as an extra-curricular component designed to ensure students are balanced and not just focused on academic success. Strong students enjoy a learning environment where they are challenged to think and encouraged to discuss and collaborate. They are taught an understanding of different cultures from around the world, and are encouraged to constantly reflect on their experiences and learning. The extended essay component teaches the research and study skills universities desire. While the programme is very intense, it is also exhilarating for those that crave knowledge and understanding. The aim of the IB Diploma Programme is to develop citizens of the world. These citizens become lifelong learners through an exposure to education which stimulates their curiosity and fosters a spirit of discovery, as well as an enjoyment of learning. With the added component of cultural understanding it is likely they will help build bridges and strengthen society as they enter the adult world. Teachers in the IB Programme participate in extensive, ongoing training at various levels in their subject areas. Developing flexibility and adaptability in students is a focus for all teachers in the programme. Parents and students interested in the IB Programme for are encouraged to:

IB Diploma Years

The IB Diploma is comprised of 6 subject areas, and 3 core elements. All of these components are taken in the same 2 years of high school – usually the last 2 years. Students are required to choose 1 subject from each of the 6 subject groups outlined below. In total, students are required to choose 3 Higher Level subjects (HL subjects = 3 semesters), and 3 Standard Level subjects (SL subjects = 2 semesters). The 3 core elements (Extended Essay; Theory of Knowledge; and Creativity, Activity and Service) are included in the two years of study.

Subject Area Course Offerings

Group 1 – Language A

HL English - Language and Literature (ENG3U1, ENG4U1, ETS4U1 & HZT4U1)

SL English - Language and Literature (ENG3U1, ENG4U1 & HZT4U1)

*SL is only offered to ESL students
Group 2 – Language B

HL French (FSF3U1, FSF4U1 & IDC4U1)

SL French (FSF3U1 & FSF4U1)

SL Ab initio French* (FSF1D1 & FSF2D1)

*Ab initio French is offered to students with no prior French instruction.
Group 3 – Individuals and Societies

HL History of the Americas (CHA3U1, CHY4U1 & CHI4U1)

SL History of the Americas (CHA3U1 & CHY4U1)

SL Business and Management (BOH4M1 & BBB4M1)

HL Psychology (HHS4U1, HHG4M1, SNC4M1)

SL Psychology (HSB4U1,HHG4M1,HHS4U1)
Group 4 – Experimental Sciences

HL Biology (SBI3U1, SBI4U1 & SNC4M1)

SL Biology (SBI3U1 & SBI4U1)

Group 5 – Mathematics

HL Mathematics - Analysis and Approaches  (MHF4U1, MCV4U1, MDM4U1)

SL Mathematics - Analysis and Approaches  (MHF4U1, MCV4U1)

SL Mathematics - Applications and Interpretations (MCF3M1, MDM4U1)
Group 6 – Art or Additional Group 3 or 4

HL Visual Art (AVI3M1, AVI4M1, AWN4M1)

SL Visual Art (AVI3M1, AVI4M1)

SL History of the Americas (CHI4U1 & CPW4U1)

HL Chemistry (SCH3U1, SCH4U1, SNC4M1)

SL Chemistry (SCH3U1, SCH4U1)

Note: There is a student fee for out-of-school learning and enrichment added to the IB Courses. This fee will be due in September of each year you are involved with the programme (courses or diploma). Financial aid may be available.
Note: Students don't need enrichment before entering the IB Programme, but they do need MCR 3U1 if students plan to complete SL or HL Mathematics - Analysis and Approaches.