The IB Foundations Programme in grade 9 and 10 offers enhanced curriculum, developing knowledge and skills such as: critical thinking, questioning, communication, inquiry, creativity and leadership. It is excellent academic preparation for the IB Diploma Programme in grade 11 and 12.

In order to provide a challenging enrichment programme that allows students to develop the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the International Baccalaureate Programme and university, our Intermediate Programme is based on International Baccalaureate ideals. This includes a holistic approach to the learner and school, as well as a global understanding fostered in the curriculum discussion in grades nine and ten.

Enrichment is provided in all aspects of the core subjects, as well as most of the common electives. The purpose of this programme is twofold: to provide the knowledge base necessary to enter the IB Programme, and to begin to develop the lifelong, independent learner fostered in IB Students. Successful students have been given the opportunity to develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, time management and leadership Parents and students interested in the Intermediate Programme for grades 9 or 10 are encouraged to:

  • Contact the IB Coordinator

  • Complete a Statement of Intent for the Intermediate Programme.

International Baccalaureate Programme flowchart (pdf)

Grade 9 Foundations Courses

English ENL1W1P
Math  MTH1W1P
Geography  CGC1D1P
Science  SNC1W1P
Technology or Hospitality  TIJO1 or TEJ1O1 or HFN1O1
Language: French or Mohawk* FSF1D1P or FEF1D1P or LNMBO1

Art (One)

Instrumental Music AMI1O1

Vocal Music AMV1O1

Guitar Music AMG1O1

Visual Art AVI1O1

Drama ADA1O1

Physical Education (One)

Healthy Active Living PPL1O1

Personal Fitness PAI1O1

Hockey Skills Academy PAL1O1

Aquatics/Swimming PAQ1O1

*The full IB Diploma includes French. Students with no French background who wish to pursue IB French will focus on conversation development.

Grade 10 Foundations

English ENG2D1P
History CHC2D1P
Science  SNC2D1P
Careers & Civics CHV2O5 & GLC2O5
Language: French or Mohawk FSF2D1P or FEF2D1P or LNMCO1



  • Visual Art AVI2O1
  • Instrumental AMI2O1
  • Business BBI2O1
  • Physics SPH3U1