Eastside Geoventure

Grade 10 Outdoor Education (PAD20), Grade 10 Science (SNC2D/P), Grade 10 Careers and Civics (GLC2O & CHV2O), plus 1 online course of your choice.

This full semester program focuses on the development of outdoor skills, community involvement, healthy living, and scientific investigations. Throughout the course, students will complete and learn skills that will connect in class learning to practical skills connected to the outside world. Through participating in outdoor activities such as winter camping, biking, hiking, canoeing and so much more, they will be given the opportunity to practice goal setting, decision making, social and interpersonal skills. Students will also study the components of healthy relationships, mental health, and personal safety. The chosen field trips provide an opportunity for students to learn and reinforce new skills and to experience class activities in a specific setting, while developing leadership and interpersonal skills. As field trips are a highlight of the curriculum, it is expected that all students attend all field trips.

Outdoor Adventures

  • Winter activities & Survival Skills
  • Hiking & Outdoor Education
  • Biking through the County
  • Canoeing local waters

Building Skills to Make a Difference

  • Exciting real life experience
  • Leadership skills
  • Cooperation and teamwork
  • Critical thinking development
  • Environmental awareness

Course fee is $450. This fee could include but is not limited to covering the majority of the excursions and certifications.  Financial assistance may be provided to support a student due to financial hardship or circumstance. Please speak with your teacher directly or ask your parent or guardian to contact a member of the administrative team.