Special Education

Special Education staff provide a variety of services to students who have an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  At ESS, staff regularly review and update each student's IEP to ensure that all accommodations and/or modifications are met.

Learning Support Teachers

The Learning Support Teachers (LST) co-ordinate student academic programs and supports, and facilitate outside agency involvement for students with special education needs. The LSTs are available on a to assist students and teachers in their classrooms. Individual Education Plans are developed for all identified students and programming is implemented to facilitate each student’s progress through secondary school. While most special programming takes place in the regular classroom we are proud to host the Community Integration and Life Skills programs. The LSTs work closely with subject teachers to increase awareness of specific needs to match learning styles to teaching methods, and to modify content and evaluation procedures when appropriate.

Resource Room

The resource room offers one-on-one and small group support and assistance with course work as well as skill development in areas such as reading, written language and mathematics. Assistance may include support to overcome organizational difficulties, clarifying assignments or providing extra time or assistance with exams. Occasionally, students may benefit from a regular resource period to achieve success.