Asynchronous Online Learning

The Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board is committed to providing access to appropriate programs for all our students. One of the board’s innovative ways to deliver courses to students is through Asynchronous Online Learning. Online Learning students get a login to our state-of-the-art e-Learning platform where they access course materials and assignments, and communicate with their teacher and ‘classmates’.

Course offerings are determined based on what schools are unable to offer in-house so vary from year-to-year. We have over 60 courses to choose from with more being developed all the time. Students enjoy the flexibility that Asynchronous Online Learning offers, and will learn transferable skills such as time management, organization, and work habits, as well as various technology skills.

Asynchronous Online Learning gives you flexibility to take courses that may conflict in your timetable. You can even expand your opportunities by taking courses that your school doesn’t even offer!
Asynchronous Online Learning is delivered through online courses where you have flexibility to complete your course any time during the day. You will practise and develop your independent learning and time management skills.
Asynchronous Online Learning courses are all taught by teachers from schools in Hastings and Prince Edward and other parts of Ontario. You can be confident that your teacher will be well versed in the subject area.
Asynchronous Online Learning courses help you complete the Online Learning Graduation requirement and will help you develop your skills
for post-secondary remote learning that is sure to be part of your future.
Asynchronous Online Learning is an excellent opportunity to practise and develop your goal-setting and self-regulation skills. Student Success teachers are prepared to help you succeed and persevere through challenges.

Check with your guidance counsellor to see how to access Asynchronous Online Learning.